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By Brittany Ann

Run, Stay and Grow Your Business with Confidence


If you're a Small Business Owner who is Stuck or Frustrated with where your business is going and looking for a direction?

You're not alone! it's time for you to put a system in place that will keep you on track to your business goals.

It is almost impossible to keep up on all your to do's and business activities without a system.


Take a Leap of Faith in your business with confidence.

The question comes up quite frequently how do I plan, practice, produce, brand and Market me, promote, figure out social media, expand build relationships and a database oh yeah take care of me, my life, and family.Right? I feel you! 


The best solution to all these questions and more is to build a business blueprint and put systems in place that will streamline your efforts to becoming profitable and By Invitation Only.

By now you realize that you are tired of winging it and picking up bits and pieces of information here and there. You go to networking groups, do live webinars, pay for too many tools that you don't know how to use or are just plain confused.

It's okay you have the power within you to maximize your skill-set and really bring the boom to your business. Stand tall and know that the direction you need is in the simple guided blueprint you designed to fit your needs and goals.


Is this you?....


Struggling to Attract your Ideal Client

Picking up the 100 lb Phone

Understand Social Media 

Getting Paid What You're Worth

Overcoming Objections

Getting out of your Comfort Zone,

Time Management & A Schedule that Works For You

Branding YOU Inc.

Building Valuable Power Partners

High Touch, Low Tech

Congratulations you are not alone!

Right Now You’re Overwhelmed With The mechanics of how to structure your daily activities that gets results.


You know you have the skills and expertise, But you've struggled to get the consistency and profits you need to grow your business. Truthfully - you feel like your going in circles.


You’ve tried:

…building your business by attending networking groups (Many) not a bad way, and many one on ones; also good and social media like crazy, but your progress is so slow due to a lack of direction that you would be lucky to reach your goal in a year.'ve tried to hire out and even manage it all being a one person show,'re following all the experts and try to figure out which one will work for you.


You know enough about your industry

that you should be getting results if it really works.


But let’s face it...







So, Listen… I'd like to clear a few things up...


When It Comes To Building a System to Get Results and

Start Mastering Your Business Systems -

This Is The ONLY Course You’ll Ever Need.


Everything You Need To Grow Your Business and Profits 

Is Inside This Course.

"I have worked with Brittany over the past couple of years on different projects and she brings passion, commitment and expertise to the table. She truly cares about the professional women she is helping and it brings her joy when they succeed. If you are looking to "Step-Up" your game in business, Brittany Ann is your Gal."
Lisa Bartholomew
Owner Bartholomew Graphics

Who am I?

 A 20 year Entrepreneur utilizing my talents and skills to bring together Women Business Owners while connecting, educating and empowering them to their true potential.

I educate on systems to run, stay and grow small businesses that are making a big impact on today's business market!

And, show you that making money isn't just for an elite group, but that ANYONE with knowledge and expertise and a desire to succeed can grow a business. It is y privilege to be a Business Development Specialist helping individuals make an impact on today's marketplace.


I have created and sold multiple information products that have helped hundreds increase their productivity and profits,

all while creating the freedom and flexibility to keep family a priority, work from anywhere, and help others do the same.


I am a mother, spouse, grandmother and entrepreneur for life, understanding that life gets busy all while being on a mission to be my best and help others do the same.

I encourage you to take a deep look into your business and invest your time to achieve your dreams.

I Have Had Great Success. But, I Have Also Struggled To Figure Out What Makes Your Business Successful and Growing.

I've had up's and down's and learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to getting clients and growing your business.



how to find clients


how to reach more people


what to say to get people to buy


I've been stuck without a plan in sight.

I reached a point where I DECIDED to Figure it out!  I knew I had value to offer, but just couldn't find a way to break into the marketplace.


Then I discovered a system for generating leads, building relationships, and closing sales. 


I took all the lessons I had learned from past  experience, and finally built a system for the way I want my Business to Run, Stay and Grow!

In Less Than Six Months ...I Took Businesses On The Verge Of Failing To Making AMAZING Money.


Building a Six Figure Business that allows me to keep my family a priority, work from home, and make money while making an impact for those that desire to really Build and Enjoy Their Business and Success.




WHY?  Because I believe the Importance of having a  for anyone who has the desire and grit to build a freedom lifestyle.


People who: 

… are passionate about their area of expertise and what to make a difference


… people who want to create their own economy and beat the 9-5 grind


… and those who want to make a great living doing what they love!

"Brittany Ann has successfully built a Community of Women supporting Women. Coupled with her mission to winning attitude she is connecting, educating and gives value to her tribe of women everywhere. Brittany is an Ultimate Woman inspiring others to their potential and more."
Deborah Petros
Sun, Moon and Stars Astrology for Personal Growth
Let's be real. It takes hard work,dedication, commitment and a plan to get
your desired results!
Having a business with NO System can cripple your success. People that are serious about Running, Staying and Growing their Business, Take Charge and Make it Happen!

I don't want you to keep spinning your wheels - I want you to get into profits quickly and get the momentum you have been working so hard for.


That’s why I’ve created Mastering Your business Systems


We all transition somehow in our business,

It's how you transform that makes a difference.

"Weather you are brand new or a seasoned business person.  There are always new things to be learned and ways to improve. Brittany not only teaches them, but she tests drives everything before she brings it to us. She is a walking talking inspiration to us all; no matter how many road blocks and basement people get in your way,  She teaches us tools to still fly with Eagles." 

Leilani Griffiths

Owner Extraordinary Bookkeeping Services


Module 1- A Plan and Profits

  • Your Business, Your Way
  • Identifying Your Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Your Fastest Path to Cash

Module 2- Your Ideal Customer/Client

  • People and The Fear of Loss
  • Picking up the 100lb Phone
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Closing the Sale

Module 3- Time is Money

  • Scheduling and Time Effectiveness
  • DMO- Daily Method of Operations
  • Budget and Financials
  • Networking and Sales

Module 4- Brand YOU, Inc.

  • Stand Out in the Marketplace
  • Hello You! Communicating Your Message
  • 7 Essentials Needed to Branding Correctly

Module 5- Marketing

  •  Marketing Plan Platforms,Tools, Social Media
  • Pricing and Budgeting
  • Copywriting
  • 5 Steps You Must Implement

Module 6- Partnerships and Database

  • Building Business Relationships
  • Identifying Your Power Partners
  • Building and Utilizing your Database

We are Beta Launching our Master Course and that means you get the benefits of being in an elite group of like-minded individuals on a path to change their business forever!


Here's what you will get..



Six 60 Minute Group Video Calls Every Sunday at 4 PM PST We'll meet on a group video via Zoom to discuss topics and Q & A. You will have the opportunity to soot me over your questions prior to the call for me to be best prepared and help everyone. You won't want to miss it. they will be recorded for you to go back for review.

Two 40 Minute Training calls over the course of the 6 week course. You will have Two private laser focused coaching/ training calls to zero in on your individual questions, accomplishments and to put your forward strategies in place.

Private Facebook Community. Each 6 week session will have it's own private Facebook group so you can interact, support and get feedback while working on this project.

There is a small group of 20 to ensure dedicated time to each student.

Private Graduate Facebook group. Once you graduate, you can mix and mingle with your fellow grads. Be the first to know about updates, retreats, special Interviews and other exciting adventures.

Legacy Clause: You're automatically welcome to retake the course and will have continued access provided all payments are received minus the coaching calls and bonuses. I'll keep you up to date on any BIG changes that may be beneficial to you.


Access to bonuses including, Private Training, Group training,Top 28 Ways to "Get Noticed", and So Much More!


All program videos, pdf's, audios, step-by-step guide, bonuses and updates are housed in an on-line membership site which you’ll be given access too.




Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Look What Others Have Said:

"I love the way Brittany Ann brings everyday business challenges into clarity.
It has truly helped me gain focus on my business goals. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level you’re in the right place!"
Patty Larson
Team National Platinum
"Brittany is so passionate about what she does and that's very easy to see. Her energy is infectious. She has a way of motivating you that is very inspiring without being pushy."
Kelsey Self
Self Performance Fitness



What's In It For You?

Video Training Modules with Brittany Ann. Each of the training videos gives you step-by-step guidance that you can start implementing in your business right away.


Bonus Workbooks & PDF’s to go along with your video training modules.


Access to me inside the Facebook Group Training, an extremely active and engaged community of entrepreneurs working to build their business's as they support each other.


Access to a Private Membership Site where you get access to all the videos and training housed in an online membership site you can access anytime, anywhere.

Lifetime access to the materials. Access the Online Membership Site for as long as you want to. From time to time we make updates to the training - for no extra cost!

Stop "Winging it" and Start running your business NOW! Take Charge of Your Business Today!

 Should you have the opportunity to take a leap of faith in your business and be one of the chosen to join us for our beta launch..

Besides our master course you'll find some awesome bonuses including...

Bonus 1.. 

Private one on one Coaching.
($595 Value)
When you are working on a big project
you will have questions.
I have added TWO 40 Minute Q & A..
1 via Phone and 1 via Video
Sometimes the difference between done and perfect is just a question away. 

Bonus 2....

Top 28 Ways to Get Noticed!
($395 Value)
Are you Really Ready to make a SPLASH out in the Market Place?
Here are the Top 28 Ways to GET NOTICED! Making Money is a Top Priority in Making your Business an Success.
These marketing tips and strategies will Get you Noticed with Profits to follow!!

Ready to change how your business

with strategies to elevate your

productivity and profits? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How is this going to transform my business?
A. Have you ever had the feeling that you are going in circles? This course is going to put you on track to build your business with business systems that will help you manage and grow your business,and not be winging it with uncertainty. 
Q. How much does it cost?
A.Would you believe that for $1997 You will have access to all of the tools and strategies that will impact your productivity and profits. Now if you're saying.. I need some help, There are payment options. Or pay in full and save.
There are many moving parts to running a business. How can you find them, learn from them, understand and put it all together successfully? What do you think it would cost you if you took all of this individually? Can you afford to keep winging it?
Q.What guarantee do I have these systems will work?
A. Do you believe in yourself? Only you know how serious you are about achieving your desired success. We are here to help. Can you guarantee that you will do your best to do the work, utilize the tools and strategies to your best ability? We will guarantee to be there for you and help you with the process while making it seamless and fun!
Q. Is there a money back guarantee?
A. There is a 30 day conditional money back guarantee. I designed this course for serious entrepreneurs and business owners. If you put the work in you will get the desired results. However, if you do the work and don't put the strategies into action then this master course is not for you. Learn more about the 30 day
money back guarantee here.
Q. What am I waiting for?
A. Permission to take a leap of FAITH in your business and YOU .. Granted! You are worth it. We are here to help you along the way. Investing in yourself takes courage and money. This will be the best decision and invest in you the best decision you ever made. Get started now and take advantage of this unique training. You got this! Start crushing it in your business NOW!
"Brittany brings her entrepreneurial experience for all of us to learn from.  I figure that if I learn one new thing, it will be worth it.  It has definitely been worth my time!"
Pat Fehlhaber

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